The Apple iPhone 7 Plus mobile features a 5.5 Inch display and runs on iOS v10 operating system. The device is powered by a Quad core, 2.37 GHz processor paired with 3 GB of RAM. As far as the battery is concerned it has 2900 mAh. Over that, as far as the rear camera is concerned this mobile has a 12 MP, Auto focus sensor and the front snapper is powered by a 7 MP sensor.


Let me set the stage for you. I have been an iOS and Android user for quite some time now. To be frank, 75% of my time (daily) is spent on an Android Device and 25% goes on an iOS one. Why? Because I love the openness of an Android on the smartphone and power on a big screen iOS tablet. Also, my love for all things tech does play a big role.

Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S and Note series have been considered crown jewels of the mobile world. They never fail to get everyone excited and people are always looking forward to the next version. With Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook, Apple has always been innovating and bringing something new to the table when it comes to the iPhones. Impressive touch screens, rear shooters that can give the best point and shoot cameras a run for their money, and fast processing is just the tip of the iceberg for these small super computers.

However, this time while watching the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’s live stream, I did not find the new iPhones a force to reckon with. I read multiple news pieces from all over the world, which did say that Apple is no longer an innovator, but a follower. To an extent I also believed that, because I have seen and used the features now available on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus in numerous other smartphones, starting from Xolo and Xiaomi to Sony Xperia. This did make me wonder how is the Apple iPhone 7 Plus better than the rest and is it giving the customers something new? Apple launched the smartphone in India and sent us a unit, and I started using the device. This is what I found.
First up, Apple has added two new colours to the arsenal of Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Black (which gives the iPhone a matte black finish) and Jet Black (a glossy black, which I used) editions have been added. Out of its box, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus did resemble the iPhone 6S plus, but after a little while one began seeing a lot of differences, some minor and some major.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5-inch Retina full HD (1080p) display with ion-strengthened glass on top, taking most of the prime area on the front of the phone. The hard press home key at the bottom has been replaced by a Taptik, pressure sensitive button. This can be customised (for the right Taptik effect) at the time of first boot or later from the settings menu.

Omission of the headphone jack at the bottom is also another major change the Apple iPhone 7 Plus has. Users will be able to connect the supplied wired ear pod headphones with the lightning charging port located at the bottom (which has excellent sound output). Also, two speaker grilles are available at the bottom. The power button and the SIM tray is available on the right edge of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, while the ringer off and volume keys are placed on the left.

  • Turn the black beauty around and you will get to see a marvellous sight — a shiny black back panel with a silver Apple logo in the top half. However, here is where the ‘marvellous’ show ends. After prolonged use I found that the back is a fingerprint magnet. The nine-step polishing system that has been used to develop the Apple iPhone 7 Plus does make the phone stand out, but also attracts a lot of smudges.
    Smudge fest aside, users can look forward to, on the top left, not one but two 12 MP rear cameras with a four LED flash system. More on that in the performance bit. Overall, Apple has done a very good job at keeping the iPhone 7 Plus slim and well balanced. The glossy Jet Black does bring a sense of premium-ness to it.
  • 2370 MHz, Quad core PERFORMANCE 1840 MHz, Dual core
  • 5.5 Inch DISPLAY 5.5 Inch
  • 256 GB STORAGE 128 GB
  • 2900 mAh BATTERY 2750 mAh
  • 12 MP CAMERA 12 MP
  • 3 GB RAM 2 GB



To begin with, let’s talk about the specs. Under the hood the Apple iPhone 7 Plus has an A10 Fusion chipset (running 2.23 GHz quad-core CPU), 3 GB RAM and is available with 32, 128 and 256 GB storage options (Rs 72,000, Rs 82,000 and Rs 92,000 respectively). This is another change that Apple has adapted. Instead of the 16 GB base storage, the company has bumped it to 32 GB that gives the users more space to toy around with.

A feature I have seen in smartphones from Motorola and Sony in the past makes its way to Apple. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is now dust and water resistant with IP67 certification. It makes sense to have this feature in an expensive phone, since many around the world have dropped it in coffee mugs and the bathroom sink.

The 5.5-inch touch display on the iPhone is a treat. I for one loved every bit of it and found it to be much better than the iPhone 6S plus. Apple has increased the colour gamut and it certainly shows. Everything from YoutTube videos to apps and games look really vivid. The screen is 25% brighter than before too and does take advantage of the next level of 3D touch features on the iOS 10.

Talking about which, yes the Apple iPhone 7 Plus comes with the new iOS 10 pre-loaded. There are lot of improvements in the software department. These include a redesigned notification tray and a smarter keyboard with intelligent suggestions. Improvements to Photos, Music and News apps can also be seen. Siri seems to be better in the new operating system and does take commands faster, with almost accurate voice recognition. The home button doubles as the fingerprint sensor and it does make the Apple iPhone 7 Plus open in a jiffy.

Apple has enhanced the sound experience too on the iPhone 7 Plus. Now, the ear speaker also acts like a loudspeaker and together with the loudspeaker at the bottom, the user’s get stereo sound experience. This I did find loud and nice when playing games or watching a video. Also, the Taptik engine is available to developers and the effect will soon be seen in more games and sound apps. So what does the Taptik engine do? It gives you tactile feedback with every tap on the screen, enhancing the gameplay and touch experience.

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